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The property 'Calga' is located 29km east of Coonamble on the Warrumbungles National Park Road. Calga is a 40,000-acre property comprised of rich volcanic soils, natural and improved pastures ideally suited for livestock and broad acre farming.

It is divided up by a number of creeks and has the majestic backdrop of the Warrumbungles, an ancient volcanic region noted for its landmarks and beauty.

Broad acre farming of wheat, barley, chickpeas, canola, faba beans and sorghum is carried out during the year.

The Calga Dohne Sheep Stud was established in 2002 and has been operating for well over a decade. In December 2012 the late Bill Pye and wife  Margie purchased 740 special stud Dohne ewes at the Uardry dispersal sale at Hay along with the Uardry trademark. The  Uardry Stud is run separately to the existing Calga Dohne Stud to ensure the Uardry type is preserved. The Uardry Dohne Stud continues with the same breeding objectives and management as before through the recruitment of key personal. With the combined ewe numbers of 2240 from the Calga and Uardry Studs,  make the operation one of the biggest Dohne breeding flocks in Australia. 

Recent Activities -

In 2014 Calga for the first time has been on the show and sale circuit promoting the Calga and Uardry Dohne Studs.

To find out more click on the Sales and Events page or find us on Facebook at Calga Dohnes