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Moulamein Road, Wanganella. NSW 2710

In August 2015 the late Bill Pye and his wife Margie purchased Caroonboon Station a 70,000 acre property located 22kms west of Wanganella with frontage to the Billabong Creek on the Riverine Plain. The property has  a mixture of soils and is covered by  large stands of saltbush and native grasses. The Riverine Plain area is also renown for producing large bodied medium woolled sheep. The purchase of the property fitted well with the startegic plan of incorporating a commerical sheep operation to compliment the stud operation. Operated and managed correctly Caroonboon Station would ensure a reliable income through dry times due to its vegetation mix of saltbushes and grasses. The property is currently running over 15,000 breeding ewes.

On the 4th October 2018 we will hold our 4th Southern Production Sale on site where we will have 140 rams up for auction. Since the purchase of Caroonboon Station in 2014 we have improved the infrastructure; with an undercover ram selling complex, a ram shed and the establishment of a kikuyu ram plot. 

The property is managed for us by John Stephens and he is assisted by Chris Hicks and Jeremy McMahon in the day to day activities.