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Calga and Uardry Dohne Merino Studs – The all-round performers. July 2015

The Dohne Merino breed has always been based on profit. This is a philosophy that underpins the Calga and Uardry breeding objectives. Our goal is to produce rams that put more dollars in the pockets of our clients through fertility, meat and wool.

In an attempt to verify if this goal was being achieved a decision was made to select a Dohne Merino sire for inclusion in the independently run Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Scheme. The results have recently been finalised for the 2013 drop assessments from the Trangie Sire Evaluation where the Uardry Super Sire UD 08 – 270 was entered against leading Merino sires from studs across Australia. The results were very positive with UD 08 – 270 proving to be a trait leader for the Dual Purpose Plus Index, all body weight, eye muscle, fat and staple strength breeding values. An excellent top to cull classing ratio was also achieved showing what a great all-rounder this sire is and that our breeding objectives are being achieved and performing.

In a major sign of confidence for our product, “Caroonboon Station”, a 70,000acre property in the Riverina district of New South Wales was purchased in August 2014 with the aim to run a large scale Dohne operation. The property was stocked with a total of 12,000 Dohne X ewes with joining taking place in December. The majority of the ewes were joined to ram lambs and despite the dry conditions, a scanning percentage of over 90% was achieved.  Lamb marking at Caroonboon and Calga is due to start early July with a high percentage of lambs expected on both properties.

The 2014 drop rams have been recently classed by Jason Southwell and Allan Clarke and are showing exceptional carcase and wool traits. An analysis of the ASBV’s indicates that for all body weight traits both the Calga and Uardry rams are well above breed average with the average fleece weight values in the top 25% of the breed.

In total 500 of the highest quality Dohne Merino rams will be available for sale during the spring of 2015 ensuring an excellent selection will be available for all current and prospective ram clients.

The Calga and Uardry Dohne Merino Studs will be in attendance for your inspection at the following events:

  • Australian Sheep and Wool Show, Bendigo Vic on the 17th - 19th of July
  • Nyngan Ag Expo, Nyngan NSW on the 1st of August.
  • Trangie Sire Evaluation Open Day, Trangie NSW on the 6th of August.
  • Elders Riverina Sheep Expo, Deniliquin NSW on the 14th of August.
  • The 11th Production sale, Coonamble NSW on the 16th of September. 100 Calga and Uardry rams for sale by auction.
  • The 2nd Southern Sale, “Caroonboon Station” Wanganella NSW on the 8th October. 75 Uardry and Calga rams for sale by auction.

We invite you to join us at any of these events or to contact us direct to discuss how we may assist you to improve your profits through all-round Dohne Merino performance.


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