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WELCOME TO CALGA  home of the true Uardry Merino 


Home of the Calga Dohne Stud and Uardry Dohne Stud

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The property 'Calga' is located 29km east of Coonamble on the Warrumbungles National Park Road. Calga is a 40,000-acre property comprised of rich volcanic soils, natural and improved pastures ideally suited for livestock and broad acre farming.

It is divided up by a number of creeks and has the majestic backdrop of the Warrumbungles, an ancient volcanic region noted for its landmarks and beauty.

Broad acre farming of wheat, barley, chickpeas, canola, faba beans and sorghum is carried out during the year.

The Calga Dohne Sheep Stud was established in 2002 and has been operating for well over a decade. In December 2012 the late Bill Pye and his wife  Margie purchased 740 special stud Dohne ewes at the Uardry dispersal sale at Hay along with the Uardry trademark. The Uardry Stud is run separately to the existing Calga Dohne Stud to ensure the Uardry type is preserved. The Uardry Dohne Stud continues with the same breeding objectives and management as before through the recruitment of key personal. With the combined ewe numbers of 2240 from the Calga and Uardry Studs, make the operation one of the biggest Dohne breeding flocks in Australia.

In 2014 for the first time Calga joined the show circuit to promote their dohne product, offering Uardry rams for sale at Hamilton Sheepvention, Barcaldine Agtech, the Inaugural Swan Hill Production Sale and at the Coonamble Production Sale. Calga has continued to show case their product annually with rams again offered rams for sale at  the 3rd Calga Uardry Southern Production Sale and the 12th Coonamble Production Sale in 2016 with a 100% clearance.

In August 2015 the late Bill Pye and his wife Margie purchased Caroonboon Station a 70,000 acre property located 22kms west of Wanganella with frontage to the Billabong Creek on the Riverine Plain. The property has  a mixture of soils and is covered by  large stands of saltbush and native grasses. The Riverine Plain area is also renown for producing large bodied medium woolled sheep. The purchase of the property fitted well with the startegic plan of incorporating a commerical sheep operation to compliment the stud operation. Operated and managed correctly Caroonboon Station would ensure a reliable income through dry times due to its vegetation mix of saltbushes and grasses. The property is currently running over 15,000 breeding ewes.

Calga also runs a developing Composite Senapol Red Angus Cattle Stud to produce bulls for northern Australian companies, are the other major enterprises operating on the property.

Calga is owned and managed by the Pye family.

News News News!

Early this year Calga Pty Ltd purchased the  DD Stud in its entirety which had been based at Moama. 640 ewes arrived here early March and we now have DD progeny on the ground for the first time at Calga Station. The 2016 DD young rams are presently  being grown out at our commercial property Caroonboon Station located in the heart of the Riverina west of Wanganella. The young DD rams along with Calga and Uardry rams will be available for sale at our Southern Sale at Caroonboon Station late September. Access to these new gentics will be an excellent option for an outcross for our present and future clients.

With the purchase of the DD stud and our recent increase in Calga and Uardry stud numbers it makes our dohne operation one of the biggest globally. We are in a unique situation as we can benchmark our genetic performance through our 15,000 breeding ewe, commercial operation based at Caroonboon Station Wanganella. The successful genetic performance can be seen by our first time entry in the 2016 Australian Wool and Sheep Show, Champion Dohne Fleece where we took out the award and again this year in 2017  taking out the Reserve Champion Dohne Fleece which had a commercial return value  well above the value of the sashed Champion Fleece. There continues to be great jubilation for us in the fleece department as the fleeces were harvested from our  commercial enterprise and not our stud enterprises. Caroonboon Dohne  commercial fleeces continued to excel in 2016 at the September Wagga Show taking out the Champion Merino Fleece and the Champion Superfine Fleece awards. Fleeces are again entered for Wagga in 2017.

In 2017 we will again display and sell our dohne product at the following venues;

Coonamble Agfair - 1st April 2017

Australian Sheep & Wool Show Bendigo 14th - 16th July 2017 

Nyngan Ag Fair - 30th July 2017

Elders Wool Expo Deniliquin - 11th August 2017

Westech Barcaldine - 12th -13th September 2017

Coonamble Production Sale - 18th September 2017

Southern Production Sale Wanganella - 5th October 2017                                                      


LATEST NEWS (July 2017) 

A Calga ram has won the Champion Junior Dohne Ram and Reserve Champion Dohne Ram  at the Australian Wool and   Sheep Show held in Bendigo in July 2017.

LATEST NEWS (July 2016) 

Calga Dohnes win top Dohne Fleece Award at the Australian Wool and   Sheep Show

Calga Dohnes as first time entrants in the Australian Fleece Competition, have triumphed  with the top Dohne fleece sourced from their commercial flock at Caroonboon Station west of Wanganella NSW. The winning fleece was from a commercial ewe and was judged the best out of 40 Dohne fleeces entered in the competition. Calga was thrilled with the win as the commercial fleece was up against a number of prominent Dohne stud entries. ''The successful win gives us further confidence that we are heading in the right direction with our genetics. Having a commercial operation with 15,000 ewes is a solid benchmark to work with to know that we are supplying the right product to our clients", said Margie Pye.


Calga genetics go to Uruguay (2016)

Calga Dohnes has just sold 120 semen doses of CA11 3807 to the National Agricultural Research Institute in Uruguay. The Institute contributes to the sustainable development of the agricultural sector in Uruguay taking into consideration state policies, social inclusion,market and consumer demands. 

why_wait_for_tomorrows_sheep_when_they_are_here_today__july_2016.pdf why_wait_for_tomorrows_sheep_when_they_are_here_today__july_2016.pdf (1.07 MB)

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