Caroonboon Livestock

Herd of sheep on Caroonboon Station

Caroonboon Merinos

The Caroonboon Stud was founded in 1870 by J & J Dickson with a selection of ewes from 'Groongal' Carathool which were mated with rams from 'Scone' Stud, Tasmania. Subsequently rams from 'Boonoke' F No 7 and 'Boonoke' F No 83 were also introduced.

Over the next 100 years the Dicksons introduced bloodlines from various Riverina studs through the purchase of rams, ewes and semen.

Although the stud was founded in 1870 from various studs, a lot of the early genetic influence was lost in the 1940s drought. At the end of that drought there were only 800 sheep left alive on Caroonboon a property of 80,000 acres. In one period there were three years of rainfall where only 4" ,6" and 8" fell. They were the driest three consecutive years in Caroonboons history. The stud was rebuilt from that time, on Uardry and Wanganella bloodlines.

The decision was made 15 years ago to use poll merinos to breed a more dual purpose animal. This started with the introduction of poll merino rams from South Australia and semen from leading sires from South Australia and the Riverina.

Recent rams purchases have been from Terrick West in 2017 for $15,000 & a Ridgeway Advance ram for $10,000 in 2016. Last December 100 ewes were joined by AI to Willandra Impact 18.

The Caroonboon sheep are known for their size, early maturity, fertility and wool quality. Lambing percentages have been in excess of 120% the last 3 years.

Over the years the Stud has had major success at shows and sales, winning the Riverina Ewe of the Year 5 times and the Riverina Ram of the Year once.

Caroonboon Station regularly tops the Hay and Deniliquin sales with their surplus ewes offered.

Caroonboon Stud has remained under the direction of the Dickson family for nearly 150 years. In that time the Stud has sold rams to most areas of the Riverina and Central NSW.

In June 2018 the Pye family who had bought the Dickson family Caroonboon Station in 2014, were approached by Jim Dickson as to the possibility of returning the Stud to its original home at Caroonboon Station. The Pye family embraced the offer whole heartedly and ewes began their return to Caroonboon in August 2018.

The Pye family have retained the services of Jim Dickson as Studmaster and and classer Ian Lilburne. Both Jim and Ian spent time as jackaroos on Uardry in their early years and were fortunate to learn from Tom Lilburne OAM (Ian's father) the Uardry classer for many years.

Margie Georgie and Sandy Pye in conjunction with the classing team and staff look forward to presenting a good line up of display rams at the venues the stud will be attending along with the on property auction the 9th September 2020 at Caroonboon Station where there will be 75 rams up for auction.

Caroonboon Dohnes

The Caroonboon commercial dohne flock was put together with ewes from Calga and Uardry dohne studs along with ewes from the daughter studs of Calga and Uardry. Pure bred dohnes were sourced from South Australia and all parts of NSW.

5 years on all the ewes are now station bred and well suited to their environment.